Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tulip Festival 5k

I ran it in 34 minutes even. It wasn't a record for me, I ran the Jingle Bell 5k in like 32 minutes in December. HOWEVER, it was breezy and there were portions of the race that were at an incline (plus against the wind in some cases). Oh well. I ran the whole thing, there were a lot of people running my pace and I was far from being last.

I was 227 out of 284 entrants. I was a ways back in my age group though. That's okay, I'm training to be a contender when I'm in the 56 and over age group. :-) Though there are a lot of ladies in their 50s that can kick my tail up and down the road now. But, that's why I'm training now, so that I can be THAT lady then. ;-)

But, overall, it was a LONG 3.1 miles. Really. It went well, but it wasn't a super easy run. Other people made similar comments, so I felt like I was in good company.

According to the National Weather Service, at 8:15 am in Orange City the wind was NW 12 G 21 and at 8:35 the wind was NW 13 gusting to 17.

Still, it could've been much worse and it was faster than I plod along by myself. :-) Good run.

Also: The Hamersma side of the family has a reunion during the Tulip festival each year. It was nice to see some people that I haven't seen in awhile. My dad's side of the family is pretty small, so most of the people attending are the nieces and nephews of my grandpa. Hubby had never been to the event. He got to compare notes with the retired farmers in my family. We got to play with a new baby and the parade was excellent. Lots of marching bands and the scrubbing of the streets is always an amusing site to watch.

If you've never been - Go next year!!

My goal for the next two months: Be able to run 10k (6.2) and improve my time for 5k. I'm up to four mile runs. I did one two weeks in a row. Slow and steady.

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