Friday, February 27, 2009

Crazy Photographer Goes Out in Cold in Pajamas (and coat)

I was sitting on my coach drinking coffee when my husband says, "Ooh, pretty!" There was a sundog/rainbow in the sky as the rising sun reflected through ice crystals.

The one that we first saw was in a portion of the sky that's difficult to photograph because there are buildings/utility poles and other objects. Then I look to the south and there's another sundog/rainbow. And the horses are over by our fence.

Rats. I needed to move quick before the rainbow disapeared. :D So, Nick opens my batteries for me while I get my camera out. I put socks on, I was already wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt. I almost ran out after putting shoes on, but grabbed my coat too.

I had 7 shots on the roll already, and finished it outside. Max helped. Nick took pics from the house. I'll post when I have the film developed. I started noticing that my face was getting pretty cold when I finished the last couple of shots.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Jersey Design

I'm out of ideas now and have no time to draft it, even if I did have one.

Here's the last one that I created on Sunday.

The side panel, for the sake of the design contest, says we all belong to team Though, in general, I think that it'd be a decent jersey regardless of gender.

I tried to make the back not look like a generic list/stack of words and pictures.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Jersey Submission

I made last year's margarita ride shirt into a jersey.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It was so nice when I got home at 5. I kinda wanted to go for a run, but decided to putter outside instead. I wanted to take advantage of nice weather and try to prepare a few areas for plants this spring.

Last summer I started weedwhacking and trying to make a trail of sorts to use with an eventual mountain bike. :D My plan is to continue to work on clearing some of the numerous dead trees to make the path wind through the two groves. There are a LOT of down logs and branches. If anyone wants bonfire wood, or just wants to feel like a lumberjack - That's okay, they sleep all night and they work all day... (or is it vice versa) - come on out.

Anyway. I did take my bike on the path that I have thus far. It's about .25 of a mile. That's from our shed, around the barn and the south perimeter before you go along the path. I had to walk the bike a little bit, I have no idea how to cross a log.

I know that a 'flat' trail won't make for a ton of adventure. However, it's more challenging than I thought. Granted, I'm a rookie, but navagating over some dips and bumps and around a tight corner or two, it's a workout. And grass the terrain definately adds some rolling resistance. I like it.

Last fall I planted a couple of bushes. It successfully attracted wildlife. I was thinking birds. But, deer nibbled them down. Do you think that they'll come back?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Someone Else's Interpretation of My idea

So, here's a link to the submission thread for the Team Estrogen Jersey Contest. My submission is on page two.

Someone had critiqued my image and thought that it was too busy and maybe breaking the image up into two ideas, like a throw back for the classic rider on the front and a modern style for today's rider on the back. She thought that might be better than going from black and white to color. That's a fair suggestion. I still liked my idea and for better or worse stuck with it. Though, I didn't have any inspiration to try a different take on the idea. I wanted the images juxtaposed instead of having to be viewed separately.

Now the following image is a submission today. I like her interpretation of it, but at the same time... hmmm... I just don't know. Maybe I'm an overly sensitive artist, but a simple phrase like: "Hey, I liked Hammer's concept and this is my take on it..." would be okay, right? Like I said. Overly sensitive artist type.

On an entirely different note... I have the Margarita Ride 2009 drawn in my head. :D I just need to find some reference material for an animal that I intend to illustrate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tweaked jersey


except that on the side panel there's supposed to be a bit of sunset there too. oops.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jersey Submission

This is for a design a jersey contest at

I'm having a bit of trouble posting my entry on the site though.

I was thinking about the bicycle and it's early contribution to women's liberation. I wanted to try to illustrate that idea in a way, and make something that looks a bit like a vintage bicycle poster.

This is what I've been doing instead of cleaning today. And yesterday. I don't have illustrator at home. I drew the image and then cleaned it up and colored it in in Photoshop.

I still need to create the jersey back and sides.

The idea is that the banner would be high enough on the shirt to come across the upper chest. And, I'm hoping that the cyclists are low enough to be mostly across the abdomen.

Feedback is welcome. Even if this doesn't win... it's good to have a project to work on just for fun sometimes.